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Dance Training :

Anwesha Dutta was trained in Bharatnatyam and Navanritya at Dancers’ Guild, in the vibrant and culturally rich city of Calcutta, under the tutelage of late Gurus Drs. Manjushri Chaki-Sircar and Ranjabati Sircar. At dancers’ guild she trained with Ms. Sangeeta Dey and other gurus. She has performed extensively and organized many shows both in India and the US and has received accolades for her creativity in productions and event management. Her unique experience not only encompasses classical dance & Navanritya, but also includes a variety of Indian folk dances (East, North, and Western Indian folk dance styles) and Rabindrik-style (Gurudev Rabindanath Tagore’s). She continues to refresh her artistic knowledge by attending celebrity dancers’ workshops and lectures demonstrations. She extends her thanks to Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharya, a senior dancer originally from Dancers’ Guild for coming to the US to help teach Anwesha’s students Chhau (martial arts) and Manipuri (Eastern Classical Dance).

Anwesha is highly trained in Classical Music and has a Sangeet Visharad in Hindusthani (North Indian) Music. She was an All Indian Radio singer since the age of 6. She continues to sing and compose music for her students’ dance recitals.

Involvement with Nava Nritya Dance Academy :

As the founder, teacher, and artistic director, since 2004 Anwesha has thoroughly enjoyed teaching her adorable students and working with the very talented group of trained co-dancers. Propagating Indian classical dance, experimenting with contemporary movements, poetry & music from all over the world is Anwesha’s passion.

As you would notice in her published reviews of celebrity dancers’ performances like Kalakshetra (page 8), and Nrityagram (pg4), she believes that innovation is endless and dance has to evolve with time; as we can see in these renowned dancers’ works.  She is thankful to her students for joining her in her journey of elevating our art form into newer horizons both in terms of creative choreography and tasteful selection of uncommon music, while preserving the core techniques. To elevate and entertain her audience, she has choreographed dances in 18 languages and has formatted non-Carnatic poetry into Carnatic musical grammar for Bharatnatyam dances.

For the past 10 years, while training around 60 talented students per year at all levels including senior dancers, as a social entrepreneur she has also raised $100,000+ for various charities through annual shows (including UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders to name a few). For the last few years, she has been running her own charitable foundation called Ray of Hope International that enables underprivileged children in her home country India and disabled adults in Philadelphia.

She is extremely proud of the achievements and progress of her students, whose enthusiasm is infectious and praiseworthy. 3 of her senior students already presented their solo debut recitals which is a huge milestone (after 8-9 years of training, it takes more than a year to prepare for a 2 hour solo recital with live orchestra). Within the next couple of years, she looks forward to several of her students accepting the honorable title of “senior dancers” through solo debut recitals, also known as Ranga Pravesh or Arangetrams.

Professional and Educational Background :

While dance is a passionate hobby, Anwesha has more than a decade of extensive experience in the healthcare industry and is currently a Director at PricewaterHouseCoopers’ Healthcare Consulting practice. At PwC she is one of the leaders of the Healthcare IT practice and leads large teams and projects to provide strategic advisory services to senior executives at large healthcare systems. Executives see her as a leader for her expertise in executive presentations, leadership, relationship management, subject matter experience, meeting facilitations, coaching, & management of complex engagements. Anwesha is grateful to her dance teachers for giving her advanced communication, presentation, creative thinking, and leadership skills through her dance training. Before coming to PwC, Anwesha was a Senior Business Architect at the prestigious Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia leading IT projects and prior to that she was a Senior Healthcare IT Specialist at ECRI Institute.

Family and Friends :

Anwesha is happily married to her college sweetheart and soul mate, Hemang Desai. Together they are living the dream of being able to make a small difference in people’s lives. Anwesha is very lucky to have Hemang’s incredible support in all her professional, dance and Ray of Hope activities. Anwesha and Hemang are surrounded by amazing family members and close friends who support both the academy and Ray of Hope with unconditional love and generosity. They are both very grateful to their employers (PwC and SAP respectively) and parents of the dancers for supporting the dance academy’s growth and charitable efforts for Ray of Hope. In addition to running the academy and its events, Hemang is also a lover of Indian music and dance and joined the academy for folk dance performances.

Prior to Founding Nava Nritya Dance Academy :

As an undergraduate student at Drexel University (1999-2003), Anwesha founded an Indian Cultural Association consisting of 400 members—DISHA. She organized cultural events all year round for which she received many honors from the university. With a talented group of 25+ dancers, musicians and actors, she performed both at Drexel and for organizations outside Drexel.

She was honored with Outstanding Leadership awards and Student Leader awards for exemplary leadership initiatives for cultural enrichment of the student community not only as the President of DISHA (Drexel Indian Students Association) but also as the Asst Director of Drexel University’s Campus Activities Board.